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Instructor:Andrea Cadioli

​Partner: Yufei Guo

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Slice it! cover issues of contemporary representation and the development of splines in relation to complex digital forms and physical and virtual space. Visualization today encompasses the development, exploration and communication t of information and ideas in multiple mediums. The course engaged recent techniques related to splines, gesture interfaces, and virtual reality, through transformation and tactical workflows. Slice it! will develop critical visual literacy and review methods for generating and evaluating lines, surfaces, and volume. Modes of drawing and modeling in three-dimensional space, including the importance of precision and abstraction were reviewed.

We were the first to learn how to create a series of distorted base grids in GH, which will be the starting point for making a custom panel. Then we start making design decisions that not only take aesthetic considerations into account but also consider the feasibility of the production. 

1, we created digital art through processing script and re-edited the shape of the panel 

2 Use MDF wood to make the panel which can be assembled in the robot arm.

3 Through the simple operation of the robotic arm(rotation),  got the matric of the pattern.


By means of parameterization, continuous pattern animation is automatically generated

Artboard 1.png

We generate a single panel shape by parameterizing. And I make sure that each panel is seamlessly connected to the other. We used

CNC cutting to actually make the panels and put them on the arm.

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