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Competition, the result will be announced in 20 December 2020

Partner: Yehong Mi

Our design concept comes from the traditional religious architecture of the Incas. Water occupies a very high position in the culture of the Incas, so we introduced water into the design as a bathing pilgrimage for the Incas.


In the design, we pay great attention to the enlargement of the senses, hoping to emphasize the role of vision through the selection of viewpoints and to emphasize the role of human feeling and hearing by setting up a meditation space.


In terms of structure, we try our best to adopt a small and light structure. Through AI technology, the computer has learned nearly a thousand drawings of Inca religious buildings and generated a new building plan with Inca style. And the structure model is automatically generated through a processing script.


I collected enough plan of Peruvian civilized religious buildings for machine learning by Pix2PIx.Generated my dataset. I Input sites into the machine learning system and generated the building plane accordingly.


Based on the existing AI intelligent plane, I generated 3d structure model through a Processing script. Through human intervention and selection, the building skin and space are automatically generated. And set up the viewing space and meditation space for the worshippers to use.

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