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Military Museum

Re-creation based on historical renewal

The military fortress of Capo d’Orso in Palau is one of those places. It is sculpted in the granite of a monumental coast. From its bastions, the luxurious yachts sailing in the Mediterranean Sea evoke the English galleons, which chased the Napoleonic fleet in the same sea stretch centuries ago. Here wars have ended, and soldiers are gone yet it is crucial to pass this history on to the new generations because of its specific historical and cultural value.

Background and concept

The museum is mainly divided into two parts: the military museum and the military memorial hall.

Although the original architectural space is not easy to use due to its building function——military casual, it can still correctly reflect the intuitive feeling of people in ancient times. As a result, the original structure was renovated without significant changes, making it an exhibit of the military memorial itself.

Moreover, the new part——the military museum, because of its severe wind erosion throughout the year——uses stones to represent strange forms. To simulate this possess, I researched the wind trends of this area and used them to build the architecture. I used two kinds of lines—— straight and curved to symbolize power and tenacity, respectively.

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